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Karuna Boracay Island Suites
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Luxury Rooms

The 5 luxury suites are located on one floor which is a few stairs up from the pool area. Experience luxury and comfort in with our full amenities. this is the perfect place for honeymooners, families and bigger groups. truly a home away from home.

karuna boracay

Perfect For Relaxing

Relax in pure exclusivity. Come and enjoy our tranquil rooms nestled near the top of Mt. Luho overlooking Bulabog Beach. Sipping your morning coffee from your balcony while watching sunrise or having a bottle of wine while gazing under the stars with your partner is priceless. The serene setting creates the perfect atmosphere of pure relaxation and bliss.

karuna boracay

Breathtaking Views

Unwind in luxury, style and tranquility at the beautiful Karuna Boaracay Island Suites, superbly set in a picture-perfect location with breathtaking views over the sparkling and crystalline turquoise sea. 

A Little About Us

Inspiration can be found everywhere

Karuna is a Sanskrit term meaning “compassion”. It is considered to be one of the pillars of faith and at the heart of Buddhist teachings. Karuna is selfless compassion that expects nothing in return, not even gratitude. To the Buddha, karuna represented the “quivering of the heart” experienced when the individual is able to see suffering and must act. ‘Karun Na’ means ‘Right Now’ in the Philippine Visayan phrase. It is an expression for what our name represents: Live in the now! live life fully and beautifully.