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19 Oct

About Boracay

Boracay is in the province of Aklan which is located in Panay. This is the center of the Philippines. The Island of Boracay is shaped like a dog bone. It is 8 km long, and 1 km wide. 10.32 square kilometers and is located in the Western Visayas island-group also known as Region 6 of the Philippines, 2 km north-west of Panay Island and 315 km to the south of the capital city of Manila on Luzon Island.

The Atis were the first settlers and depended on fishing supplemented by coconut, cassava and potato plantations until the 1940’s and 1950’s on this small but beautiful island. Until a few decades ago, there was no electricity, nor was it known for its culture, art or architectural monuments. Then it was discovered by backpackers and popularized by a travel book published by the German writer Jens Peter that described Boracay’s history and called it the most beautiful island in Asia. He took photos from all over the island and made postcards from them, which contributed to Boracay’s development into a backpacker’s hangout in the 1980’s and eventually one of the major tourist destinations in the Philippines.

White Beach and Bulabog beach are the primary and secondary tourism beaches. Boracay is located 2km from Caticlan, the mainland gateway for sea and air access to Boracay. There are ports both in the south of Boracay (Cagban Port) and Caticlan (Jetty Port) to ferry passengers across the Tabon Straight.

Boracay is separated into three districts; Yapak in the North, Manoc-Manoc in the South and Balabag in the center. Tourists will use the boat stations of White Beach for reference. Boat Station 1 in the north, Boat Station 2 in the center, and Boat Station 3 in the south. (The boat stations are no longer in use, however they are the accepted points of reference for all things White Beach.)

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